问题 Don’t worry . He will get here_________.A.all the timeB.at one timeC.at a timeD.in no time

问题 The new stadium being built for the next Asian Games will be _____the present one. [ ] A. as three times big asB. three times as big as C. as big as three times D. as big three times as

问题 --- Guess what, we’ve got our visas for a short-term visit to the UK this winter.--- How nice! You ______ a different culture then. A. will be experiencing B. were experiencingC. have experienced D. will have experienced

问题 —He couldn't have finished his homework last night, _________he?—No. You see, he is busy doing it now. [ ] A. has B. couldC. must D. did

问题 —Don't you think it was strange that Fang Fang _______ going over a whole page in thelast test on history?—Not at all. She is always absent-minded when doing things. [ ] A. missedB. miss C. has missed D. had missed

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问题 Lily didn’t come to the party last Sunday. ____,she would have made the party more exciting . A.If she cameB.Would she comeC.Had she comeD.Did she come

问题 The Tenth Art Festival held in Jinan _______ to many people from the world.A.appeal B.attractC.fascinate D.attach

问题 Beyond the Factory: Child Labor in the Cities At the beginning of the nineteenth century, factory owners faced few restrictions on the way they employed their children workers, who were between the age of 7 and 12. Gradually laws came into being. The first child-labor laws were passed at the state level in America and usually focused on both required education and a minimum age for employment. And added rules limited the length of the workday for children. Pennsylvania, for example, limited the workday to 10 hours for children under 12. However, government officials cared little whether businesses followed the law. In fact one group of children was left entirely unprotected by labor laws -- the children of immigrant families. By the beginning of the twentieth century, piecework appeared, for which people were paid by the piece. Significant numbers of women sewed baby dresses or men's neckties and made the artificial flowers used to decorate hats. Piecework turned homes into factories that were free from the law, and countless children worked long hours alongside their mothers and old sisters. Manufactures exploited the system shamelessly and paid the lowest wages they could. Embroidering (刺绣) a silk dress, which was a 10-day job, might generate a five-dollar payment. In the case of "willowing", workers needed to add more strands to ostrich feathers used on hats to make them longer and more graceful. The first willowers were paid 15 cents per inch, but a few months later, the pay was reduced to 13 cents. Within three years, willowers were earning only three cents per inch. In order to survive under these circumstances, pieceworkers had even their youngest children help them. In one Italian neighborhood, a three-year-old girl helped her mother sew clothes. In another case, a child of eight who had lived in New York for three years had never been to school at all and could speak almost no English. Slowly child labor laws brought these abuses to an end.31. The first child-labor laws required ______. A. workplace safety and conditions B. minimum payment and age C. education and working time D. minimum payment and schooling32. Manufactures who hired women to do piecework ______. A. were kind and concerned employers B. were sometimes called "willowers" C. usually paid the lowest salary D. forced children to turn home into factories33. "Willowing" was a kind of ______. A. handwork activity B. workplace C. payment requirement D. workers34. By raising the example of the three-year-old girl's experience in the last paragraph, the author intended to ______. A. show how poor the situations were for children workers B. blame those adult pieceworkers for allowing children to work C. attract attention to protect young children D. emphasize the importance of educating young children35. Which of the following sentences best summarizes the passage? A. The first child-labor laws were limited due to working at the state level. B. Early child-labor laws offered no protection to children who worked at home. C. Some immigrant children did not learn English because of their piecework. D. Child-labor laws should have come into being before children became workers.

问题 --- How can I use iPhone 4s?--- Just refer to the _________.A.explanationsB.expressionsC.directionsD.Preparations

问题 By the time I _____the railway station, the train _____. A.got to, leftB.reached, had leftC.arrived, had leftD.came, left

问题 阅读理解 Once upon a time, two brothers who lived on neighboring farms fell into conflict(冲突). It was the first serious one between them in 40 years of farming peacefully side by side.In the end,they fell apart. One morning, a man with a carpenter's toolbox came for some work.The elder brother said,"I just have a job for you.Look at that farm across the creek(河沟). My younger brother lives there.It was he who used his bulldozer(推土机)to dig the creek last week to spite(刁难)me.So I want you to build me a fence, an 8foothigh fence, in order not to see his place any more." The carpenter smiled and said,"I see.I'll try to do a job that satisfies you." Then the elder brother went downtown. At sunset when the farmer returned,the carpenter had just finished his job.The farmer's eyes opened wide! To his surprise, there was no fence there at all!Instead, there was a bridge stretching from one side of the creek to the other! A fine piece of work! He saw his younger brother coming to him with the hands outstretching.The brothers stood at each end of the bridge,and then they met in the middle, taking each other's hands.They turned to see the carpenter lift his toolbox on his shoulder. "No, wait! Stay a few days.I've a lot of other work for you,"said the elder brother."I'd love to stay on," the carpenter said,"but I have so many more bridges to build." 1. What was the life like for the two brothers before the conflict? A. They lived a poor life.B. They lived in peace.C. They never spoke to each other.D. They lived on the same farm. 2. It can be learned that the carpenter was________. A. unwilling to obey the farmerB. fond of building bridgesC. unable to build a fenceD. willing to help others 3. The best title for this passage is________. A. A Fine Piece of WorkB. A CarpenterC. A Conflict between Two BrothersD. Two Brothers 4. Which of the following is true according to the passage? A. The elder brother used his bulldozer to dig a creek.B. The elder brother helped the carpenter build the bridge.C. The brothers were both satisfied with the carpenter's work.D. The carpenter planned to build an 8foothigh fence as asked to.

问题 I suggest you delete the useless files on the computer which _______ too much space.A.give awayB.make upC.set asideD.take up

问题 阅读理解。 You don't need millions to be happy. In fact, at The Happiness Institute in Australia, a couple of hundred dollars may be enough. The institute opened its doors last year, and, since then, men and women of all ages have been paying A $ 200 an hour (US $140) for lessons on how to feel great. " You can actually increase your happiness levels. That's what we teach," said Timothy Sharp, founder of the institute. Experts say that only about 15 percent of happiness comes from income, assets and other financial factors. As much as 85 percent comes from things such as attitude, life control and relationships. Most of us are significantly better off financially than our parents and grandparents, but happiness levels haven't changed to reflect that. Studies show that once the basic needs of shelter and food are met, additional wealth adds very little to happiness. Many decades ago, the "sage of Baltimore, Maryland", editor HL Mencken, defined wealth as earning US $100 more than your “wife's sister's husband.” Behavioral economists now say part of the reason we are richer but not happier is because we compare ourselves to people better off materially. "The argument is that if you want to be happy there's a very simple thing you can do: Compare yourself to people who are less well off than you- poorer, smaller house, car," said Sharp. The Happiness Institute aims to show you how to overcome these unhappiness factors by focusing on " more than just your bank account." "If I compare myself to Bill Gates then I'm always going to be down," said Sharp. A better thing to compare with, he said, might be Kerry Packer, Australia's richest person who has had a kidney transplant and heart surgery in recent years. 1. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage? A. You can learn to increase your happiness levels by attending the classes at The Happiness Institute. B. Most of us are happier than our parents or grandparents since we earn more. C. Earning US $100 more than your wife's sister's husband if you want to be happy. D. Both Bill Gates and Kerry Packer are examples of those who are extremely rich but obviously unhappy. 2. If you have 500 Australian dollars, you can get about _____ U. S. dollars from a bank. A. 550 B. 450 C. 350 D. 250 3. The underlined phrase in the 9th paragraph has the same meaning as the word ______. A. healthy B. unhealthy C. free D. wealthy 4. The author wrote the passage to tell us ______. A. happiness is everything B. wealth is the foundation of happiness C. have fun at the Happiness Institute D. money doesn't always mean happiness

问题 根据对话内容,从对话后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项,并将答案填涂在二卷对应位置(否则不予给分),选项中有两项多余选项。A: Advance Reservations.Can I help you?B:1A: Yes, we do have a single room available for those dates.B: What is the rate, please?A: The current rate is $50 per night.B:2.A: For $50 you will have a radio, a color television, a telephone and a major internatioal newspaper delivered to your room every day.B: That sounds not bad at all.I’ll take it.A:3.B: Yes, it is Charlson.A: How do you spell it, please?B: It’s C-H-A-R-L-S-O-N.A: C-H-A-R-L-S-O-N.4.B: (010)888-1000.By the way, I’d like a quiet room away from the street if that is possible.A:5.OK.We look forward to your visit.B: Thank you and good-bye.A: Good-bye.A.What services come with that?B.A quiet room away from the street is preferred.C.Do you have a single room with a bath for October 5?D.What about your telephone number?E.Yes, I’d like to book a single room with a bath from the afternoon of October F.4 to the morning of October 10.G.Sorry, I forgot your telephone number.H.Very good.Could you tell me your name, sir, please?