Everything will ____ soon. Just be optimistic and confident.
A.pick upB.set upC.turn upD.hold up

问题 阅读理解。 Le Whif, an inhaler (吸入剂) that allows chocolate lovers to meet their needs whenever they pleasewithout putting on weight, is to be released in British stores. The invention, called the world's first breathable food by its creators, lets consumers suck in the taste of chocolate or coffee while taking on less than one calorie. Its makers claim it will enable dieters to enjoy their favorite snacks without worrying about their waistline. The lipstick-style tube contains hundreds of milligrams of tiny food particles which are small enough tobecome conveyed by air, but too large to enter the lungs. Each Le Whif contains enough flavor for abouteight to ten whiffs (喷射) and costs 1.99 on its own, or £4.99 for a pack of three. The inhaler is available in chocolate, raspberry chocolate and mint chocolate models as well as coffee flavor, which gives a dose ofcaffeine equivalent to a small short of strong black coffee. It was invented by Prof. David Edwards. He said Le Whif was not designed to replace food but could be used to increase dining experiences, such as allowing people to sample a variety of dishes from restaurant menus before ordering their meal. He said, "In terms of living off whiffing we aren't even close to being there. But there clearly has been a revolution over the last few years where we are eating smaller amounts of food more frequently and choosing food or its aesthetic (审美的) pleasure. We will be launching new whiffing experiences probably every six months. It is reasonable to assume that the next line of whiffing products will be even more health centered." The product was released in Paris in 2009 and the initial production run of 25,000 inhalers were sold out within a month. It has since been made available across France and in the US. In Britain Le Whif is to be soldfirstly in House of Fraser for a month, after which it could become more widely distributed. 1. According to Paragraph 1, Le Whif ____. A. is a new kind of healthy food B. contains few nutrients in fact C. is popular with British chocolate lovers D. is able to help dieters lose weight 2. What's the main purpose of inventing Le Whif? A. To produce all kinds of chocolate. B. To replace the traditional chocolate.C. To change the coffee flavor. D. To increase people's dining experiences. 3. Which of the following statements does David Edwards agree with? A. His new products will come out once a year.B. Le Whif is a revolution that will change people's life. C. The whiffing products in the future will be improved. D. Le Whif can make people eat less food. 4. From the passage, we know that ____. A. customers can buy Le Whif all over the world B. I.e Whif hasn't been made available in British stores C. Ie Whif contains hundreds of tiny food particles which are small enough to enter the lungs D. Le Whif can help to lose weight but is harmful to health

问题 Reading the job ad.he wondered whether he was ____ to apply for it.A.qualifiedB.typicalC.dynamicD.approachable

问题 (2014年北京市西城区高三5月二模试题)24. Grandpa was shocked by the news. Rarely ______ him so quiet. A.do I seeB.had I seenC.I had seenD.I saw

问题 —Hello, Peter. Do you enjoy your stay in Hainan?—I ________ in Hainan. The flood stopped me from going there. So I came to Shanghai. [ ] A. haven't stayedB. am not stayingC. didn't stayD. do not stay

问题 Windsurfing is a sport that combines sailing and surfing.In 1948,twenty-year-old Newman Darby first thought of using a handheld sail to contro1 a small boat.Darby did not apply for a patent(专利)for his design at first.However,he is recognized as the inventor of the first sailboard.Californians Jim Drake,a sailor and engineer,and Hoyle Schweitzer,a surfer and skier received the patent for a sailboard.They called their design a windsurfer.The early windsurfer boards measured 3.5 meters long and weighed 60 pounds.Later in the l980s,Newman Darby did apply for and receive a design patent for a one—person sailboat. In the late l940s,Newman Darby found he could control a 3-meter-long sailboat and make turns even without a rudder(舵).In l964 he designed the first universal joint(万向接头)to go along with a flat bottom sailing boat.This sailboard was equipped with a universal joint,a board and a kite—shaped free sail and thus windsurfing was born. Naomi Darby,Newman’s wife,was the first woman windsurfer and helped her husband build and design the first sailboard.She sailed while standing up,controlling the boat without the use of a rudder.She tilted(倾斜)the sail to change directions.This was something that had never been done before. Hoyle Schweitzer began producing sailboards in the early 1970s.The sport became very popular in Europe.By the late 1970s,windsurfing fever had Europe firmly in its grasp with one in every three families having a sailboard. The first windsurfing world championship was held in 1973.Windsurfing first became an Olympic sport for men in l984 and for women in l992.小题1:Jim Drake and Hoyle Schweitzer received the patent for the design of.A.a sailboard called windsurferB.a kite—shaped free sailC.the first universal joint D.a one—person sailboat小题2:What can we learn from the text?A.Hoyle Schweitzer was a sailor and Jim Drake was a surfer.B.Newman Darby’s wife supported him in his invention.C.Newman Darby was the first to tilt the sail to change directions.D.The first world windsurfing competition was held in the late l970s.小题3:Which is the correct order of the following events? a.Newman Darby thought of controlling a boat with a handheld sail. b.Newman Darby received his design patent. c.Windsurfing became popular in Europe. d.Windsurfing became an Olympic sport for women.A.acbdB.abcdC.acdbD.bacd小题4:What is the main idea of the text?A.The invention of windsurfing.B.How windsurfing was popular in the world.C.The history of windsurfing.D.How windsurfing became an Olympic sport.

问题 (2013·福建,34)Not until he went through real hardship ________ the love we have for our families is important.                  A.had he realizedB.did he realizeC.he realizedD.he had realized

问题 阅读理解 There are several advantages in planting trees:they firm the soil, soak(渗透) up extra water and take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. However, it now turns out that planting trees could add to global warming. We all know that tree roots do a great job of keeping soil firmly on the ground and out of the wind's power. The problem is that some of the dust clouds play an important part in soaking up carbon dioxide. Huge dust storms blow out over the oceans fromdry parts of North Africa and Central Asia. Tons of dust are lifted and left as a thin film over the ocean surface. Dust from China is carried east and left in the Pacific Ocean. If a treeplanting programme there is successful and the dust supply reduced, the net result may be that less carbon dioxide gets locked away in the ocean. Andy, an environmental scientist has spent the past few years studying dust and says his work shows clearly the complexity of the system. For this reason the need is to focus on cutting carbon dioxide giving off rather than doing anything else. Robert, an American scientist, hasshown that when native grassland areas are invaded by trees, carbon is lost from the soil. "We are studying why the soil carbon disappears, but one theory is that trees do a lot more of their growing above ground compared to grass, so less carbon goes directly into the soil from trees." said Robert. In wet areas of the world, the gain from trees absorbing carbon dioxide above ground seems to be outweighed by the loss of carbon from the soil below ground. Countries that plan to fight against global warming by planting trees may have to think again. Solutions to environmental problems are often more complex than they first appear, and understanding the Earth's climate is a very great challenge.1. People usually hold the opinion that ________.A. huge dust storms can destroy carbon dioxideB. planting trees could reduce global warmingC. huge dust storms can destroy the oceans on the EarthD. planting trees is the only way to control huge dust storms2. Andy, anenvironmentalscientist, believesthat________.A. environmental problems are more complex than expectedB. trees shouldn't have been planted in dry placesC. dust plays a more important part than treesD. carbon dioxide is harmful to everything3. Robert's experiment proves that ________.A. trees absorb more carbon than grassB. carbon can turn grass into dustC. less carbon can make trees grow fasterD. grassland areas should be covered by forests4. The best title for this passage is "________". A. The importance of planting treesB. The dust clouds soak up carbon dioxideC. Is it really useful to plant trees to reduce global warming?D. Why the soil carbon disappears

问题 The scientist corresponds with colleagues in order to learn about matters ______ to her own research.A.relevantB.InstantC.resistantD.important

问题 听下面5段对话。每段对话后有一个小题,从题中所给的A、B、C三个选项中选出最佳选项,并标在试卷的相应位置。听完每段对话后,你都有10秒钟的时间来回答有关小题和阅读下一小题。每段对话仅读一遍。 1.What are they mainly talking about? A. Children. B. Friends. C. Independence. 2.What is the man's advice? A. To drill with the soldiers. B. To take some juice for the soldiers. C. To see if the soldiers are thirsty. 3.where is John now? A. In a hospital. B. In his office. C. On the road to work. 4. What will Bob take? A. The big box.B. The small box. C. The bag of candies. 5. Who is in Beijing now? A. Only Frank. B. Only Frank's mother. C. Frank and his mother.